Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tall Man???

The other day we were at Jack's playgroup. (Which, if I haven't already whined to you about this in person, has been canceled for the rest of the school year. I don't know what we're going to do. It was our morning outing at least one or two days a week. Our Parents as Teachers is severely understaffed, so they had to stop the group. I'm so sad. Jack loved it- he would just run & play & jabber with the other kids.) Anyway, at the end of the group they sing songs. Jack loves this. He bounces along with the singing, claps at the end of each song & then signs "more" so that we'll sing more songs.

The leader started singing "Where is Thumbkin". I didn't really remember this song. I certainly didn't expect her to go through all the fingers. I couldn't contain myself when she got to the middle finger & started singing "where is Tall Man?" while giving everyone the finger. I looked around thinking, surely I'm not the only one who thinks this is funny, right? But everyone was just singing along, giving each other the middle finger and helping their toddler do it too. I guess I need to brush up on my kid songs!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Decorating fun

We did a little more decorating in Jack's room the other day. You can see our handiwork on display- the new shelves, blocks & bird counting cards. Yes, he is sitting unattended on the dresser. That's what all safety conscious parents do!

John has been away for four days. He comes back home tonight. Jack & I have both missed him, but have had lots of laughs together. And lots of cuddling. And very few tantrums! Hooray! But, we're both tired & ready for him to come home.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jack & Grandma

Jack loves his Grandmas more than any other people on earth. My parents babysat on Thursday & when we came home we were treated to a few surprise shots on our camera. This is Jack & Grandma sharing a sweet laugh. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter,

Oh Winter, where did we go wrong? I remember eagerly awaiting your arrival. You meant warm, fuzzy sweaters, hats, cookies & cocoa, soup by the fire, and, of course, Christmas.

But Winter, you have overstayed your welcome. We are tired & bored with you Winter. We long to see our old friend Sunshine. We miss the park, the grass, the birds. We're tired of wet shoes, slushy sidewalks & runny noses.

Winter! Our skin is dry, our hair is full of static, our toes & fingers are so cold. We are tired of being your frozen prisoners. We have cabin fever and need to be free to run & play & sing again!

Don't make us beg Winter, please just leave quietly and invite your cousin Spring to come and stay awhile.

The Hendrix Family

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sweet cheeks

New Toys

U.City has a great toy library. I checked out this water table there. Jack loved it. He even likes to stack in the water. He pulled the step stool out of the bathroom himself so he could stand on it.

Jack also had his first encounter with Playdough. One thing we learned- Playdough & water tables don't mix!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tickle your eardrums....

Jack is not only enjoying my keys in this photo, but also Dan Zanes. He's every parent's answer to the Wiggles & Doodlebops. When I put him on Jack ran around on the couch jumping & screaming. He has 4 short little videos that show on the Disney channel that Jack dances to over & over.

Other music I've enjoyed this year include the Ditty Bops (not kid's music & not the Doodlebops- they are quirky & fun). My favorite new band of this past year is called The Weepies. Possibly the most terrible band name ever, but the music is delightful. Check them out.

Fun times

This kids loves to stack.