Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Zoo fun

We spent the whole morning at the zoo. Jack spent a good deal of time stealing cheerios from Rob. We came home red-cheeked & tired. A good way to spend the morning!

Kevin- the polar bear is for you!

Thanks Dad!

We came home yesterday to find a bag full of balls & this basketball hoop waiting on our front porch. Jack was very excited.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This post has nothing to do with Jack

I just went to The Container Store. I had to wipe the drool off my mouth when I left. It opened at the beginning of March, but I've been avoiding it because I know a trip to that store can lead to some unexpected charges on the credit card. What is it about a store full of containers that makes me go crazy?? I'm not particularly organized, but I do love little bins & buckets. I was good & kept my hands in my pockets. It just about killed me.

I have many, many guilty pleasures. I love People magazine. And who needs a Snickers bar when you have semi-sweet chocolate chips in the house? My deepest, darkest, dirtiest guilty pleasure is my secret love of chick-lit. I avoid these books at all costs (okay..most costs) because I believe they make me dumber. I don't need any help in that department these days. I think they rot your brain more than any trashy romance novel does. But, God help me, Sophie Kinsella just came out with a new Shopaholic novel & I want to get my hands on it. Seriously, a book with Shopaholic in the title? What's wrong with me? I'm also a sucker for a Maeve Binchy novel. And, this one might actually be worse than the chick-lit one, when we were in New York John and I used to sneak over to the Olive Garden. This only happened 3 or 4 times over the course of 4 years, but we really did sneak. It was right by his school & we would make sure no one we knew was around before we popped in. We always fooled ourselves into thinking the food would be good. But, I've never liked eating at the Olive Garden. I don't know why I thought I would like it then. It was just more expensive in New York, it didn't actually taste better.

All of this to say, I have a new one. A new guilty pleasure. America's Next Top Model. I used to hear people talk about this show & think they were crazy to want to watch it. I thought that about Project Runway too, until I watched it and fell in love. Project Runway filled the void that was left when Survivor jumped the shark & now ANTM is filling the void until Project Runway returns. Who knew reality television could be so good? I won't over-analyze my love for this silly show, but I think it's partially because I love any before/after makeover show. I usually don't take our Tivo suggestions, but I'm glad I checked this one out.

So, now I've exposed myself on my blog. Fitting since I exposed my son on the last post.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Little Poll...

Are any other kids having trouble with the time change? I thought we were in the clear. On Sunday night Jack asked to go to bed at 7:30, his normal bedtime. But, since then it's been 8:30 or later that he's going to sleep.

On Monday we went out to eat with some friends & when we got home at 7:30, Jack was finally hungry for dinner. He ate a whole sandwich & some yogurt & was still babbling and yelling in his crib at 8:45. Tonight he didn't eat until after 7 & I don't think he went to sleep until around 8:30 or so. When I put him to bed I thought for sure he was going to be up a while since he had been running around the house like a madman.

Don't get me wrong, I love getting up later, but it still seems awfully late for him to be going to bed!

On another note, Jack has been the greatest little boy ever this week. Hysterically funny. He's been giving us a running commentary on everything, all day long in his cute babble-speak. I have no clue what he's saying, but he's saying something! And he has been trying to make us laugh. We both really felt like he had been grouchy the whole winter. It's like we have a different kid. We've been able to be outside a lot- I'm sure that helps. And John has been with us all week since it's Spring Break. Jack loves it when the 3 of us are all together.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Photo Extravaganza

Jack & I are finally both feeling well. It only took 2 1/2 weeks, 1 trip to the doctor, and 2 prescriptions, but we're over the sick hump! Here are some photos of our days.

This photo makes me laugh. Not because it's funny in and of itself. Because it makes me think of my friend Kevin. Once, when we all lived together, and Laura was out of town, the boys stocked up on bachelor food (think fake crab meat, chips & anything with garlic). We were watching a dumb, dumb movie (Shawn of the Dead- I was disappointed that I was unable to sleep during this one) and Kevin came into the room with a huge plate of Oreos. HUGE. John & I just stared at him and his cookies until we all laughed. Jack was born on Kevin's birthday & I like to think he takes after him in small ways. Like the way he found the Oreos & started stealing them from the cabinet. And I think he might be almost as funny as Kevin. I'm waiting for him to develop a fondness for crab meat any day now!

Jack loves the bath tub crayons. My dad taught him to draw on himself so he actually comes out of the bath dirtier than when he went in.

It is finally warm in St. Louis. We've spent a lot of time outside the past few days. This is John & Jack at the best playground ever.

On Saturday morning Jack crawled up onto the couch & fell asleep. He's never done anything like that before. He's fooling us with those dumb pacifiers. Now I believe that taking them away won't be so hard if he willing falls asleep of his own accord, on the couch, in the middle of a bright room.

House Work

Here are 2 photos of some of our cosmetic house improvements.

This is our new couch. We love you new couch!

This is the color we're painting the living room. So far just the one wall is painted. But, we're planning on doing the rest this week. It only took 4 cans of paint to find this color.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our Adventures

Okay, so there aren't really any "adventures" to speak of. Just a few cute stories.

Yesterday Jack & I walked to the Loop to go to the library & the post office. As I was about a block from home, I noticed one of his shoes was missing. Gone. Vanished. Not in his stroller. So, I turned around & headed back towards the Loop. In hindsight I should have gone home & gotten in the car as Jack had already been in the stroller for 45 minutes & was getting mad. But, I walked, thinking it was close. And I walked. And walked. Still walking. Right across the street from the PO was his little blue shoe. Lying on the sidewalk. I put it on him & turned back around to head towards home, again. By this time he'd been in the stroller at least an hour and the screaming started. He screamed the rest of the way home. I even gave him a chocolate cookie. It didn't work. I imagine we were quite the sight. A sweaty mama & screaming baby holding a cookie.

Jack & I have both been sick for a while. So, it's been tv-land & paci-land at our house. Yesterday I felt so bad & was so tired that I just sat down & cried. Jack was very sweet. He walked over, patted me, and handed me his paci. I guess he thought a suck or two would make me feel better too.

And, story number 3 isn't really a story, just a sweet moment. Jack usually sits in my lap while I dry my hair. He likes to watch us in the mirror together. But, today he was just piddling around our bedroom behind me while I was using the hair dryer. Then he stopped, leaned over my back, and gave me a big hug. He probably did that 10 or 11 times while I was getting ready. Then he would smile & chat with me. I loved it.