Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

This week you start your 2nd year of Kindergarten. Even with school starting in 2 days, I'm not completely certain we made the right decision, but I do know that we made the best one we could- with much thought and prayer. I've spent night after night this summer awake, weeping & praying for you. Asking God to be tender and merciful to you. Praying and hoping that you will quickly make new friends and that you will also be able to hold on to those old friends that are so dear to you.

I have no doubt that you will, I just hope that it happens right away. One thing that every single teacher you've ever had has told us is, "Everyone loves Jack." And it's true. You've never met a stranger. You can talk to anyone. You love people and love to play.

I also hope you will know that you did not fail. Far, far from it. You came so far last year. You steadily progressed and grew so much. But, the truth is, it's hard to be the youngest in the class. Especially if you're a boy. And, the risks of not doing this were huge for you and for the rest of your life.

We want you to love to learn. We want you to be excited about school. We don't want you to spend every day frustrated because what you really needed was a little more time, not just more drills and practicing. We want you to know that you can do and be whatever you dream. (Except for a Jedi. Sorry sweet boy.) We don't want your joyful God-given spirit crushed because we were too scared to make a hard decision.

I know you can't read this now. And perhaps I'm only writing it right now to ease my anxious soul, but I hope one day, when you do read it, you'll know how much I love you and that you'll have always felt that love. You are a bright spot of joy in our household. I'm so proud to call you my son.