Saturday, October 11, 2008

30 Weeks

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant.  30 weeks.  That means I'm having a baby in 10 weeks, or less, or more.  December doesn't seem soon, but 10 weeks seems way too soon.  I'm excited to meet this little one, but feel like the time is bolting away, there is so much to do, and I'm not quite ready to mother a newborn again.  Of course, Jack was born 3 days past his due date & even as I was in labor I thought, "aren't I supposed to have more time??"  My goal is to have everything major finished by the beginning of December.  I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but I can try!

I had another ultrasound on Thursday.  The doctor wanted to make sure the baby was big enough (even though I've been measuring big & look big, to me at least).  The baby is currently in the 60th percentile & weighs 3 pounds 11 ounces already.  That seems big to me since I do have 10 weeks left & that's when the pounds start packing on.  I'm hoping a 10 pound baby doesn't come out to greet me in December.

And, we're fairly certain by this most recent ultrasound photo (which I will post soon) that this baby is Jack's twin.  I seem to be winning the gene war.  At least Jack's a cutie.  That bodes well for the rest of our kids!