Thursday, August 13, 2009


Annie loves, loves, loves apples.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Go Cardinals!


We all went bowling the other evening & had a blast.  Jack was surprisingly good, although I guess the bumpers didn't hurt!  He loved the shoes.  When he put them on he started dancing & said they were tap-tap shoes.  Even Annie had a great time hanging out.

Photo Shoot!

One Last Birthday Pic

Jack's favorite birthday present from the Maynor family. 
Our house is so small that he has to walk sideways.
I love this picture so much.

Birthday Season in Pictures

July is birthday season at our house.  Poor Annie is the odd-baby out.  She doesn't get to share her birthday with us, just with Jesus...

Jack's 1st birthday party on his actual birthday.  
Don't look too close.  
You might get blinded by the terribly ugly cake I baked.

Very excited by the Batmobile we gave him.  
Can you tell the kid loves superheroes?

My friend Emily greeted me on the morning of my birthday with 11 tasty dounuts.  Yum.

Happy 33rd to John!  I made him a yummy Oreo cake.  It was gone in about 2 days.

Jack's Birthday Party Cake

My mom & I made all of the kids capes with their names on the back.  
(Really, my MOM made the capes, I ironed on the letters...)

At the end of the party we were treated to a concert by a swim-suit clad bunch.