Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post #265: Wherein I Begin Blogging...again...

It's been a while. A long while. In fact, about 6 months. A lot has happened.

Jack turned 5 & had a Peter Pan Star Wars party. (It's what he asked for- who am I to argue with that?)
(my little Peter Pan- so full of life & joy)

We went to Disney Land (we were there on Jack's birthday! All other birthdays will now be a huge disappointment.).

(thus begins annie's obsession with minnie mouse...)

Jack started kindergarten. (Note- he started on the 2nd day of school. On the 1st day I didn't believe that he was sick & he threw up all over himself in the car. Mommy fail.) He loves school, but it's been a hard year. The kind of hard year that makes a mama's heart ache & think there might be more hard years of schooling to come.

We had a little family photo shoot.

We had fun fall festivities where, try as I might I couldn't get one decent picture of my children together.

(Jack & his sweet friend Grayson during their Thanksgiving play.)

My Annie turned 2. (2!! That's big!!! I can't believe she's TWO!!)

And we celebrated a sweet Christmas.

(Because everything is more fun with a pillow pet.)

The end of 2010 is here & I'm feeling nostalgic about how much my children have grown & learned & become even brighter spots in our lives & days. I'm excited to see what 2011 brings!