Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I forgot my camera again...

I woke up this morning & it was 21 degrees outside. So, my next logical thought was, why don't Jack & I go to the zoo? And we did. And we froze, but had so much fun.

We've been visiting the zoo a lot lately & I can't believe how much Jack loves it. Today we went to the reptile house, the monkey house, the bird house, the outside bird paths, the bears & we caught the 12:30 sea lion feeding.

And, I forgot my camera like I do every time we went to the zoo. So, what you don't see photos of are Jack waving to the birds, peering at the tiny neon frogs (tiny is Jack's new favorite word), and running like a madman through the monkey house laughing at all the monkeys. He also thought the sea lions were hysterical. At the end of our visit we ran into a like-minded friend & her daughter who also thought it was fun to go to the zoo when the temperature drops below freezing.

The best part of the day was that it was true quality time together. We spend a lot of time getting together with friends in the mornings, which we both love, running errands or just trying to stay busy with an activity. It's nice to do something, just the two of us, where we can talk & hold hands & share a meal together. Sometimes it gets lonely spending all day every day with a person who is really only interested in themselves. But, such is the life of all mothers with toddlers I think. I was thankful to slow down and have a day where we just enjoyed being together with no agenda & no where to be.

And, I've found that the zoo rocks in the cold. You'll never get the monkey house to yourself unless you go when it's freezing outside!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


These are some of my current favorite Jack-isms.

"Me no like my dinner." This is said often.
"Soscrem!" Toddler for ice cream. This is said even more often.
" I NEED _______!!!" Fill in the blank with whatever you want. Some common fill-ins are "my mommy", "treat", and, of course, "soscrem"
"Ummm...sure." and "No tank you." These two phrases make him seem surprisingly more agreeable than he is.
Tonight we were having him say, "No dinner! Straight to bed Mama!" which came out with all the words mixed up & amidst much laughter from all three of us.

And, my all time favorite, (drum-roll please!)