Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tears, tears, tear

Good grief- did anyone watch American Idol tonight? I only caught the 2nd half. I was crying in the first 2 minutes when they were with the AIDS victims in Africa. Then Josh Groban came on to sing the only song he knows (You Lift Me Up, obviously) with the African Kids Choir and I was bawling so hard I had to turn the cheese-muncher off. When I finally get back to watching it an hour or so later I see all of those kids with malaria & the tears started rolling again.

I still don't know who got voted off. I did enjoy the Simpsons mini-episode & think Kelly Clarkson looks good with her long dark hair.

If I could write something that didn't sound cliche about the sadness that was shown tonight, I would, but I can't...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Smart Boy

Jack said his first 3-word phrase on Friday.

"Bye-bye diaper poo-poo."

This, of course, was after I changed his poopy diaper.

The makings of a genius.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy Dreams

I can tell when I'm really stressed about something when it infiltrates my dreams. I've been really stressed about Jack's eating. At 21 months I still can't get him to eat any fruit that isn't in baby food form & vegetables have to be hidden in soups & such. I think he is eating a smaller variety of food now than he was at a year old.

So, last night I had a dream that my friend Tirzah gave him a banana and he ate the whole thing. Whenever Trizah sees Jack she offers him fruit & vegetables, in my dream it finally worked.

In the shower this morning I suddenly thought, "oh wow! Jack ate a banana yesterday!!" Then I realized that it was just my dream last night.

Too bad...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hello everybody, so glad to see you!

Above is the name of Jack's current favorite song. I made the mistake of playing the CD that they gave us in his music class in the car. I wanted to know what it sounded like. Jack is stuck on the first song. He asks me to play it over & over. I probably listened to it 50 times today or more. I wake up singing it. It drives me crazy. BUT, I have made up some fun little stories to go along with the people who say "hello".

First we have clueless Papa John and Suspiciously Chipper Mama Lynn. (the song tells you your name- when we sing it at his class the children's names are sung instead, of course!) Next is Intentionally Ambiguous Gender child with his/her clear as a bell voice & slight lisp. Then we have the sprightly Inappropriate Uncle Jerry (now you know why Mama Lynn is so annoyingly chipper...) followed by Grandma Yvette with the hacking smokers cough. John and I now can't help but laugh every time we have to play this song.

The good news is that anytime Jack hears a song he likes he asks for it to be played over & over & over & over. Thus, we've also listened to Holla' Back Girl about a million times, along with some choice Leigh Nash & Over the Rhine tunes.

He's just like his mama. When I hear a song I like I play it a zillion times until I can't bear to listen to it again.