Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another reason I love this kid

So, I took Jack to the bookstore tonight.  St. Louis has decided, after teasing us with a taste of spring, that it is,  indeed, still winter.  So, we escaped the house for a while & went to read some books.  Jack loves the bookstore.  Okay, in reality Jack loves going to just about ANY store, but he really loves the bookstore.  

We sat in the kid's section to read.  There was another boy surrounded by Thomas the Tank Engine books & other "boy" books.  Jack decided to sit down and read this.  Now, I'm not a huge Thomas fan- I find him rather surly & mean, but surely he's better than Barbie!  Right?  

The other parents grinned at me as I read to Jack about all things Barbie.  When were were done reading he pointed to the pretty, sparkly Barbie & yelled, "Mama!"  

I said, "Where do you see Mama?"  

And he once again pointed to Barbie & said, "There!  That's my Mama.  So pretty."

How can I argue with that?


Anonymous said...

Now we are talking! Adorable Jack stories. That is why we tune in! Keep em coming!

John Hendrix said...

I love that kid.

Now lets get back to the Jayhawk chatter.
Mario and the Miracles!!!!

Andrea Patton said...

He's behind the times! Barbie Mariposa is the new thing now : )He would LOVE our house!

Tiffany said...

It is truly those moments that keep us going as moms! I love it when we get a glimpse of how our kids see us. You are beautiful girl, (much more so than barbie) Loved our visit last week. Tiffany

John Hendrix said...

More jayhawks please.

Oh, you should relate to the viewing public our many jayhawk jack stories, from our trip to 'Jayhawk Town'

Anonymous said...

John, I think somehow you are going to be walking to the foul line .....
Grandpa G