Monday, August 11, 2008

Strange Dreams

Jack has been having nightmares the past few nights.  He keeps dreaming that it's raining inside.  Every night before he goes to sleep he says, "Mama, don't let it rain inside!"  And then, he wakes crying in the middle of the night telling me that it's raining in the living room.  

Poor kid.


Anonymous said...

He pointed out to me the spot in your dining room where the ceiling leak was.Soooo--the last couple of times I've been with him we have had to repair the roof on his doll house. MOM

Rebecca said...

Ha! I'm sorry for laughing...but aren't kids funny? I know your son doesn't think it is funny but I am constantly amazed at what my kids say...where is it coming from?

2WeeMonsters said...

yeah, Daniel has woken up crying about lightning in his room. At least I can sorta understand being afraid of lightning.