Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where is baby?

I was certain we were going to make a trip to the hospital last night.  But, we're still here & no baby in sight.  I've had a hunch that the little one is coming this week, but I'd like to make it to next Monday.

Things have been progressing just like they did with Jack, which is why I think the baby is well on its way.  As of yesterday I am 3 centimeters dilated & feeling contractions every day.  They are mild & don't hurt, but there.  

I got very sad yesterday about the baby coming.  I'm so excited to meet this little one & so excited to find out who's been rumbling around in my belly all these months, but I feel as if I'm already mourning my alone time with Jack.  We've had so much fun together lately & it feels strange to be stepping into the unknown again.  I'm just trying to enjoy our time together as much as possible right now.  


Kaele said...

Praying for your family in this time of transition! Praying that Jack would find all sorts of reasons to love on and enjoy this little new person! And energy for you!

I'm so excited for you!

Tiffany said...

Oh I know this feeling well and felt it most strongly when we added little Liam to our well established family of four. You will be amazed at how much Jack seems to have grown up overnight when the baby comes, but you will also be amazed at how much Jack loves the baby! A sibling is truly a gift to your child. Even in the hard moments you will be amazed at his capacity to grow and change. My one word of advice is don't expect too much from him. The oldest child is so often expected to be too grown up and too responsible. (I am an oldest and I felt it, and see myself repeating it with my oldest as well) This is a great time as a young family, enjoy every minute when possible and rely on the Lord when you run out of your own strength. Much love to you guys. Can't wait to hear the news.