Monday, January 12, 2009

Brother & Sister

Jack really loves his little sister.  All of his angst about being ignored has been taken out on us thus far, not Annie.

You can also see Annie's little harness in this photo.  Because she was so big she wound up with hip diplaysia.  Big babies don't tuck well in the womb, so sometime their hip sockets don't fully form.  She has to wear this 23 hours a day for at least 6 weeks, probably more.  We're hopeful that this treatment will take care of the problem & we'll be able to avoid casts or surgery later down the road.  She doesn't mind the harness at all- I think it's mostly annoying for us.


KKeyes821 said...

And I just thought it was some fancy new baby carrier! :) I'll be praying that it does the trick though and it all heals itself. Cute picture!

Andi said...

Keli- She had another ultrasound yesterday & there has been slight improvement. Nothing big, but it's better than it getting any worse! She'll probably have to be in it longer than 6 weeks at this point, but that's fine if we are able to avoid the other alternatives!

John Hendrix said...

I told jack "Annie gets to wear a utility belt, like Buzz Lightyear!"

So, we got a big one for jack to wear too... its hard for him to run very well though.