Thursday, April 09, 2009

No, He's Not Giving You the Finger...

Here's a photo of our favorite household web-slinger.  This costume is one the little klepto borrowed from his friend & we still need to return.  (Seriously- the kid loves to "borrow" things.  Stash your silver, hide your cash!)  Sunday morning at Sunday school he was slinging webs at the teacher.  Someone better teach that kid some manners.  And, no, those aren't crocs on his feet, they're rocket boots.  Get that straight before coming to our house!

Some of my favorite recent Jack quotes include:
"Mom, will you snuggle with me in my bed?  I need some of your warm stuff.  I'm cold."
"Mom, you have to do bed time, Daddy is too sparkly (AKA- scratchy)."
"I love you Elasta-girl."  This was whispered in my ear while giving me a big hug.  Yes, I am a superhero too.

Annie is battling her second ear infection in 3 weeks.  Same baby, different ear.  Little stinker.  She's also been rolling over from her front to her back, batting at things, and wearing cloth diapers.  I just love doing laundry, so I thought I'd give cloth a try.  I actually really like them.  I feel like I'm saving money & she looks super cozy in them.


Melanie said...

My favorite Jack moment was when he told me he was Peter Parker and I had no idea who that was. He is an awesome super hero.

Rebecca said...

So cute!!! I love little super-heroes!! He and Isaac should have a web-slinging contest sometime...Elizabeth tries to sling webs, but she just can't do it quite right (according to Isaac)!

Hope Annie feels better soon!

Emily H. said...

great post! i think i forgot to tell you that i tried to shoot webs with him the other day and he told me that i wasn't holding my fingers right, and, that there wasn't anything in them. I am, clearly, not a super hero. xo