Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 months old!

It's been a while.  There are many reasons for that.  Most of them involving a never-ending cranky baby that I've been holding & bouncing & loving on most hours of the day.  Below are some unusually happy moments.  I love these pics!

Miss Annie is 10 months old now.  As you can see, she's graduated into hair accessories!  At 10 months she is crawling, very, very slowly, but still crawling!  She tries to pull-up on things (like daddy's files in the photo below.  What I didn't capture was the box toppling over on top of her shortly after this pic was taken & her dissolving into instant tears!)

She's working on her top two teeth & currently battling a never-ending cold.  She eats almost whatever we put in front of her as long as it's not fruit & has only recently developed a liking for actual baby food.  

She's still a terrible night-time sleeper, but takes great naps now & for that I am very thankful.  

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John Hendrix said...

Andi, forgive me. I've fallen in love with another girl.