Thursday, May 20, 2010

JK Art Gala!

Tonight was an Art Gala for the JK class at Jack's school. It was amazing. His classroom was transformed to display the children's works of art. They spent many weeks studying the works of Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Giacometti, Mary Cassatt, Jacob Lawerence, Michelangelo, Calder & Edgar Degas. They then created their own works of art in the styles of these artists.

My mom stayed at home with Annie & Joh, Jack & I all went to dinner & the Gala. Jack was our gallery docent for the gallery. It basically meant he showed us his art & tried to resist body-slamming his classmates. He served us "delicious, delectable desserts" & sparkling water.

John & I were both blown away at the work the children created. John said he didn't know about some of these artists until he was in college & Jack, at just 4 years old, knows all about them. He would come home from school talking about Kandinsky & concentric circles, painting with knives like Van Gogh, and drawing ballerinas like Degas.

Jack has an incredible preschool teacher. This art unit is just one example of how much she has invested in Jack.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed our evening!

Jack & his amazing teacher

Jack & his body-slamming BFF

Jack enjoyed many delicious delectable desserts

Me & my sweet boy
His Degas inspired ballerina is in the top left corner


A whole class of Calder-mobiles

Giacometti inspired sculptures
Jack's sculpture was of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Mary Cassatt print

My dates for the evening


John Hendrix said...

These kids are so smart! I'm having a dinner conversation with my 4-year old about Kandinsky!

amylew said...

Wow! This evening looked amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Jack does have a great preschool teacher and I can't believe these kids are just 4!

blewis said...

Cannot WAIT to have this kid show me around an art museum sometime.

Gillian said...

wow!!! That is fantastic!! (Jack looks so cute and grown-up by the way!)