Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Odds & Ends

On Monday Jack burst in the bathroom just as I was stepping out of the shower, smiled & said "uh-oh". I then showed him the wreckage he caused to his mother's bootie while he was growing inside of me. He thought that was pretty funny.

Later in the day I tried on my jeans with him that I am determined to fit back into. And...they fit! Fit is a relative term here. It simply means I was able to zip them, not that they are in any way appropriate to wear in public and I'm sure I couldn't sit in them yet. Thanks Jacko.

We went to the mall the other day & they having a nursing mom's room which I thought was nice. But, the icon under the sign is a big bottle. I couldn't stop giggling at that. I just kept thinking that a big breast would have been more appropriate and it made me laugh & laugh.

Today has been a day of tantrums. That's why there are no photos. They would have all been of a screaming, mad little boy. He is getting to have a very strong will of his own. And, he is once again obsessed with my keys. He throws a fit if he can't have them. He's figured out how to make the car beep buy locking & un-locking the doors. Our neighbors must think we're crazy with all the beeping that goes on at our house!

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Christine Gordon said...

I dare you to replace the bottle with a picture of a big boob, drawn by your husband, of course.