Saturday, September 30, 2006

And the award goes to...

Yes, it's true, I have officially nominated & awarded myself the Worst Mom of the Week Award.

As you can see by the big red scab in the above photo, Jack had some accidents this week.

1- On Thursday we were playing outside & he was running to me, tripped, fell & had a run in with the corner of a concrete stair that leads up to our house. We both cried. A lot.

2- Today we were in the bedroom & he was on our bed playing. He bounced rather hard & oops...went right off the bed, into the wall & onto the floor banging his head. And he had just finished throwing a tantrum after I took some gum away from him. He cried & I freaked out screaming so loud that John came running out of the shower.

3- Then at dinner tonight I gave him a little piece of pizza that was HOT & burnt his little hand & mouth. He cried & John took him out of his seat to go outside for a few minutes. That's when the award officially became mine.

I'm very honored to accept this award on behalf of all of the other moms out there whose kids look like they've recently been in fist-fights. For my next trick I am planning on driving the car in to oncoming traffic or allowing Jack to play in the street. I'll keep you posted.

Good news though, as you can see by the photo, Jack is very much enjoying peanut butter. He had it for the first time this week & can't get enough.


Christine Gordon said...

I'm glad to be passing this award on to you. I've had it way too long. (since the falling off the counter incident...)

Andi said...

many thanks. i'm glad to make you proud.