Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Our Day in Court

So, we had our day in court yesterday. I won't reveal the details of our case on my little blog in case there are super secret agents looking for evidence against us in our measly little small claims case. But, many of you have heard our saga, so I don't need to re-hash it except to say that he wasn't there, so we have to re-summons. Stink.

BUT, the real reason for this post is to say that small claims court rocks! I loved it. I think I'm made to be a small claims court judge. Minus the fact that I'd have to go to law school. When Jack was born I watched The People's Court everday while he nursed. (Okay, I watched The People's Court before Jack was born as well...) And, if you haven't checked it out, you should. I love Judge Marilyn Mulian. She can bring it, but she brings it with a smile, unlike Judge Judy.

We only got to see one full case, the others before us were dismissals or cases like ours where only one person was in the court. But, it was exciting. The judge was snippy, the plantiffs were inflamed & there was almost a little scuffle at the end. I'm actually glad that we'll have to go back again.

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