Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rest In Peace Miss Kitty

You are much loved & already missed.


John Hendrix said...

Favorite Miss Kitty Memory:
Putting up "Lost Kitty" posters all over the neighborhood, with 4 week old Jack strapped to my sweaty chest, chasing a stray cat that looked just like our kitty. She was actually hiding in the bedroom closet to avoid the baby.

Runner Up:
Miss Kitty hated Laura, for no apparent reason. It drove Laura crazy.

Second Runner Up:
Midnight Mouse Attack!

She moved 6 times with us...going from Lawrence, to New York and St. Louis. Goodbye Kitty.

amylew said...

J & A
Sorry to hear about Miss Kitty! She was a sweet and strange kitty! I'll never forget her in the backseat of my car when you guys moved to New York. She looked so angry the entire time!

John Hendrix said...

Speaking of driving-

Favorite Miss Kitty Memory Third Runner Up:
Driving her to St. Louis in my parents car, losing the air conditioning in Ohio, and a sudden aroma of kitty poop filling the back seat. It was her protest.

matt kirkland said...

She'll live on - in our memory, and Andrea's paintings.

Andi said...

yes, laura & i decided that i need to one last Miss Kitty painting. i'm still trying to decide the theme. i'll gladly take any suggestions.

John Hendrix said...

Is 'Kitty Porn' inappropriate? My gut is leaning towards...yes.

carolyn said...

so sorry about your loss. rest in peace miss kitty!

joe said...

John, my gut is leaning that way too. Let us never speak of this again.

I think a painting called 'Driving Miss Kitty' would be pretty cool. It would be based on the movie 'Driving Miss Daisy' but with more poo.

Miss Kitty will truly be a missed kitty.

Crabby Rangoon said...

Miss Kitty gone? Very sad indeed. Maybe you could feature Jack in the final Miss Kitty photo (perhaps as a tiny blip in the background).

Andi said...

perhaps it could be a painting of kit eating jack for dinner. i think that was always her hope when we brought him home. and later after he started pulling her tail...

i do like driving miss kitty.

any others?

carolyn said...

a few ideas (maybe pretty terrible ones-haha ) for another painting:
miss kitty hula-hooping to heaven? is that how you even spell hula hooping? hoola?

the last supper with miss kitty sitting next to jesus? and eating fancy feast?

i do like driving miss kitty too though.

or maybe a collage with all of your favorite memories of miss kitty incorporated.