Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Le Thomas de Engie Tanket

John here:

In New York, you can see anything on the subway.
Riding back to New Jersey on friday, the train door opened and in came two parents with a toddler about Jack's age in a stroller. They bent down and chatted with him playfully. As I heard the boy respond, I realized the little guy had a French accent. I then immediately noticed that his parents were speaking sing-songy French to him. All of the young boy's words and sounds were the same cadence as Jack's, but En Francais. I couldn't understand anything they were saying, though I suspected it was the same kind of conversations we have with Jack now. But, then he pulled out a "Thomas the Tank Engine" toy and showed it to his mom and said "Mama, Choo-Choo!" She said "Oui, Oui, le Choo Choo!"

Some things are the same in any language. I smiled all the way home, missing my little boy.


Jane said...

This post was just way too cute...I finally decided to make my comment debut on your site! I did love this little story. And it was great to see you and meet John last week. Come back any time...and bring Jack! I've met the rest of the family...don't you think it's time I meet him, too?! :)

Jane said...

I guess, TECHNICALLY, I should have addressed the last comment to John, since he's the one who wrote the post. So...good post, John! Andrea, I think you know how much I always like yours!