Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Trip

John & I went to New York this weekend. I was surprised with a ticket to go see Cyrano DeBergerac with Laura starring....are you ready?...JENNIFER GARNER and Kevin Klein. Yes, JG, my favorite person in Hollywood. It was fantastic. Laura & I sat with binoculars to our eyes the whole time.

We had such a good weekend, but it felt like too long to be away from Jack. I missed him so much. He had fun with the grandparents & wept when they left. So much for missing mom & dad! Next time we go were planning on taking Jack. That should be a real adventure.


Kaele said...

Wow!!! I actually like Kevin Klein even more! How fun would that be!!! What a great surprise!

cagedwisdom said...

I would be happy to watch jack some weekend. We would have the best time and he would never have to wear a shirt if he didn't want to and we would play kick ball in the house and eat chicken fingers and pirate booty. Greatest weekend ever no doubt.

John Hendrix said...

Mr. CagedWisdom,

You will not be allowed to speak to Jack from this day forward.

Concerned Parents

Indra said...

Once my sister-in-law saw Jennifer Garner in Lambert.