Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barack Obama

I swear we haven't been brainwashing the kid, but he likes to walk around saying Barack Obama over & over again.  He thinks it's pretty funny.  So do we.

He also doesn't care at all that I've been leaving him at preschool.  I'm grateful not to have to deal with the tears & trauma that I was expecting, but I guess I thought he'd miss me a little bit!

In other news, I feel as big as a house.  Yesterday the doctor said I was measuring a centimeter more than they would expect me to.  I told him it's because I'm having a 12 pound baby.  This kid feels way lower & way heavier than Jack.  And, as a result I am way more uncomfortable than with Jack.  So goes baby #2 I guess.


blewis said...

I'm going to need to see a video of this.

KKeyes821 said...

Glad to hear at least one person in my family has his head on straight!! :)

Can we please get some baby bump pics though?? I know it is the 2nd one but we are still interested!

Hope all is well.

Love ya all!

Andrea Patton said...

I second the vote for belly pictures!

Weren't you pretty tiny with Jack and then he ended up being like 8 1/2 pounds?

amylew said...

I third the vote for pictures of the belly! Also, maybe you'll have the baby early?!?

Rebecca said...

I remember feeling like Elizabeth was going to fall out of me, too. I was definitely totally ready to have her at the end of it all! :)

Two is so much fun...they play and try to kill each other. You will love it!