Monday, November 17, 2008

Potty Mouth

If you've ever been around a group of moms, then you know that a common topic of conversation is their child's potty habits.  Somehow, a totally unacceptable & gross topic of conversation becomes completely normal & fascinating.  Everyone has their diaper blow-out stories, potty training stories, etc, etc.  I could tell you the pooping habits of my closest friend's children.  Gross, but true, and not at all unusual.

Well, now it's my turn for some potty talk.

I've been trying, unsucessfuly, to potty train Jack since this summer.  It was a big deal for him to move from diapers to pull-ups & he met the change with much resistance.  Well, it turns out that pull-ups are diapers in disguise.  We got to the point where Jack would tell me he needed to go to the bathroom, I would tell him that I would take him to the potty & he would smile & say, "No thanks mom.  Maybe later.  I'll go in my pants."  He would really only sit on the potty for his grandma.  

So, this week we did a big countdown to take away the pull-ups.  He was not happy about this.  I made a paper chain that I rigged (of course!) so that we would run out of pull-ups & chains on Wednesday night.  This meant there were no more pull-ups & he had to wear his underwear.  (I'm going to miss the days when I can rigg things to my advantage.  One day soon he's going to catch on.)

Well, the boy has been wearing underwear since Thursday (with the exception of sleep times) & he's had ZERO accidents!!  And, yesterday at church he actually went poop in the potty.  He was sitting & told me he needed a diaper to poop in.  I told him I didn't have any & he would either have to go in the potty or hold it until we got home.  He paused & said, "Okay mom.  I went."  And he did!  Then we called John out of Sunday School to come take a look.  The 3 of us threw a poop party in the bathroom & last night had ice cream for dinner.  (I had promised him that we could do this a while ago to celebrate the 1st time he pooped in the potty.)

This is a huge success for us.  I can't believe it's been so easy so far.  I totally expect some set-backs, especially when the baby comes, but right now I'm just enjoying this.

So, that's my poop story for the week.  


Kaele said...

Yay for Jack!!! Waaaahooooooteeee! ;-)

lara said...

awesome. we have huge resistance to the potty here. i like the rigged chain/end of diaper thing.

KKeyes821 said...
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KKeyes821 said...

Yayyy for poop success! A bunch of girls I work with were discussing this very thing over lunch today and I must admit I was a little disgusted and then realized that I too will be having these conversations one day. I guess I'd better get over myself... I'm doing the happy poop dance for you guys!

KKeyes821 said...
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KKeyes821 said...
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John Hendrix said...

Can I talk about my poop problems?

Hooray for Jack.