Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keepin' It Real

I've only been a mother for almost 4 years.  One thing I learned very quickly is that motherhood & worry seem to go hand in hand.  For me, it started with my pregnancy with Jack & I'm very prepared for my children to be in their 50s & still be worrying about them in my 70s & 80s.

I was convinced everything under the sun was wrong with Jack.  He had very good head control from birth, so, of course he had stiff neck syndrome (yes, that is real!).  I thought he was autistic countless times.  Epilepsy- check (of course, this one was confirmed by EEG & neurologist- however on the day of that confirmation the seizures stopped with no meds or intervention- God's extreme kindness to our family).  Perhaps my silliest conclusion was when Jack was 6 or 7 months old & I thought he was deaf.  Yes, deaf.  I would walk around the house sneaking up on him & clapping my hands behind his head just to see if I could scare him.  I even woke him up from his nap once by yelling his name in his ear.  Nope- not deaf, just psycho, worrying mother on the loose.

With Annie I think I've been worrying a little less.  However, my mind has been obsessed with Rett Syndrome.  My sister-in-law's cousin has this & I also ran across a blog not too long ago of a woman with a daughter with Rett Syndrome.  It's a devastating disease & strikes girls almost exclusively.  You don't know they have it for a while because they develop normally & then start to lose skills.  

So, a while ago Annie rolled over from her belly to her back for the first time.  She did this several times, but until yesterday (when she did it just one time) hadn't done it for a while.  Instead of rolling over, she prefers to scream bloody murder until I roll her back over onto her back.  Being the calm, rational person that I am, I start thinking, oh, no!!  She's losing skills.  She's regressing!  Something, of course, is terribly wrong with my baby!

I was sharing this with a friend who just stared at me & said, "Andi, she's fat.  It's hard to roll over with that much junk in your trunk."

If you've seen Annie lately, you can confirm that she is, indeed, quite the chunk.  She's robust.  Not only does she have junk in her trunk, but a beer belly, thunder thighs & cankles.  Perhaps she's just figured out instead of working hard to roll over it's easy, and more fun, to scream at her mother.  

I know it's normal to worry about our children.  I know I won't ever stop, but it's always good to have friends to bring you back to earth.  So, thanks Melanie, for keepin' it real.


Kaele said...

Ahhhh... ignorance is bliss! ;-)

So glad you be open about all that and have friends bring you back to reality!

Thanks for sharing! It's a great reminder for worrying in other areas too! *Hugs*

Melanie said...

Ahh, for the record. She is very cute baby fat and I love her to death.

KKeyes821 said...

Sounds like we could all use a friend like Melanie to bring us back to our senses every once in awhile! God bless your little chunker and her worrying mama. I don't feel so bad now for googling "early signs of autism" the other night after a middle of the night screaming feeding. :) Being a worry wart comes with the territory apparently.

John Hendrix said...

Worry is the fallen state of protective love. We need redemption, not a lobotomy. Don't fret, beloved.

Tiffany said...

Love John's comment. I now have 1 more to worry over! Due in January. We are excited, and insane i know!

Rebecca said...


I get such a kick out of your blog and all your various comments about motherhood on Facebook, are hilarious! :) I totally understand what you are saying. I think worrying about our kids is very normal, but yes--many of us tend to overdo it at times. One of my best friends was 100% convinced her 3 month old baby was autistic. I told her that 3 months old was way too early to determine anything like that...but she was convinced and went to multiple doctors who all told her that a 3 month old is too young to make any type of diagnosis on... her daughter is 3 years old today and about as far away from being autistic as a kid can be! :)

And my Isaac was super fat and very slow on all sorts of motor skills due to his extreme fatness. He is super skinny and runs around like a champ now! :)