Thursday, May 14, 2009

Theology With a 3 (almost 4!) Year Old

It's tough to talk spirituality with a 3 year old.  

I was talking with Jack about prayer.  How prayer is how we talk to God.  We pray together every night before bed- it's pretty sweet to hear him.  I told him that God can give him things that mom & dad can't.  Peace, patience, etc.  I gave him the example of praying in the middle of the night if he's scared.  

His response was, "And then Mom, God will come & cuddle with me?".

Tonight we were reading this book before bed (great, beautifully written book by the way) & we got to the part where Adam & Eve are turned out of the garden, but God says he'll be back for his children.

Jack turned to me and said, "Oh Mom, I guess God just had to go run a little errand or go to bed."

These both made me giggle.


Rebecca said...

Aren't the things kids say just amazing?? Sweet little Jack.... :)
The other day, Isaac asked me why God even bothered making bad people when he could have just made all good people?? How do you explain the fall of man/free will to an almost 5 year old? I tried to explain that we all have a choice to do good or bad, but that unfortunately, none of us will ever be perfect on this earth. Isaac thought it was crazy that God would give us a choice! :) I'm at a loss....

John Hendrix said...

Jack told me that jesus is like spiderman. Actually, outside of the webslinging....? nope. Totally different.

Andi said...

tonight jack told me that he was waiting for God to come & get him out of the bathtub.

and, he told john today that he wanted to dress up as God for halloween...