Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He Speaks

Jack's first official phrase is "bye-bye balloon" which was said as his Trader Joe's balloon floated off into the sky. Of course in Jack-speak it sounds like "bye-bye bbboooo".

Mama, or anything referencing me, is still strangely missing from his repertoire of words.

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Kaele said...

Lydia didn't say Mama for a LONG time either! We finally got her to say it through manipulation! ;-) If she whined, then I said, "Lydia can you say 'Mama'?" And when she made any noise that sounded like an attempt, I came over right away and made sure I had already figured out what she wanted! ;-) Pretty manipulative, but it has decreased whining a little bit too! ;-) Now we're learning that she doesn't get everything she wants just because she says, "Mama!" ;-)