Monday, June 11, 2007

Dinner, Dinner and Dinner

Jack ate 3 dinners tonight. One at a friend's house. Then he ate what I made him when he got home. Then he wanted some of John's dinner, so I made him a bowl of that. Today he also had 3 mini smoothies, two bowls of cereal, 2 bowls of yogurt, some soup & bread, a PBJ sandwich, a fruit bar, half a granola bar, and lots of milk & water. I'm sure there were some crackers & sweets thrown in there as well that I'm missing. For the past 2 or 3 weeks he wouldn't eat anything. Literally, he would only drink. I guess he's making up for it.

If you can't find us, look in Jack's belly. He probably got hungry again and gobbled up his mom & dad. Piggy.


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Tirzah said...

Do you think when the kids get older they will have some of the same eating habits or will it be totally different? Like the new look.