Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funny Boy

Jack does a lot of really funny things every day. Here are two for your reading pleasure from today. Keep in mind, jokes are much funnier when in person...

I got Jack some new shirts today. It was time. Most of his from last summer have slowly become belly shirts. I handed him the shirts in the car and he smiled & yelled, "Wow! Wow!". Then tried to put one of them on while strapped in his carseat. Those of you who know Jack know that he loves to talk about his shirt (and your shirt!) almost as much as he loves to talk about his shoes.

I was putting him to bed tonight & we were rocking in his room. He asked me to sing to him & while I did he sat facing me trying to shove his pacifier in my mouth while giggling the entire time I was singing. I was trying to wind him DOWN, not up. I don't think it worked very well.

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NJ Speks said...

I love to talk about shirts and shoes too!! you'd think Jack and I had the same birthday or something... ;)