Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fashion Faux-Pas

I was embarrassed to go out in public with Jack today. He dug a very ugly pair of sandals that had been handed down to us out of the closet & insisted on wearing them with white socks. He looked like a miniature tourist.

I know this is not bad. He could have put on a sparkly tu-tu & tiara to wear to the store (neither of which we have in our house, but if we did, I am sure he would wear them 24-7). But still, I tried to convince him to wear different shoes & I even put his crocs in the diaper bag hoping that he would see them & want to wear them.

No such luck.

Obviously, I need some perspective. I'm not even sure this is worth a blog entry except to show how vain I really am!


blewis said...

All he needs is a little fanny pack and a camera with a thick, southwestern-print neckstrap.

Andi said...

Note: During his nap I hid the shoes in our laundry basket. Mean mama.

matt kirkland said...

Maybe Jack's secretly German! They do that sock w/ sandal thing all the time.

You should think of a test that can determine this. Does he like soccer? Sausages? Austere modern architecture?

Andi said...

matt- this is the truth- we ask jack all the time if he's german. and he says "YA!"

(the ya is the reason we ask him...i know it's not a normal question to ask a 2 year old.)

Indy said...

Once Susanna dressed for school in patterned stretch pants with hot pink frayed embroidered jean shorts over them. To top off the ensemble was a crazy non-matching shirt. I did everything in my power not to be too obvious about wanting her to change. In a few minutes she came out with a more "acceptable" outfit. When Nate told me that she had been posing like a model in front of the mirror in her crazy duds I was so ashamed!