Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Biggest Fan

I have a few more pictures of my opening (Yes, this is John, not Andrea. Sorry, ok!) on my blog. But I had to post this one that Warren took. He was so cute wandering around in the gallery! Yes, he was mostly flirting with his friend AvaBelle, and not really admiring my work as I instructed him. But, of all the things in that room, I was most proud of him. So cliche, and so very true. (Attn Mgmt: I'd like 4 more of him, please.)


Andi said...

What John said to me is this:

"I was in a room surrounded by all of my work of the past few years, but I wanted people to see Jack more than anything hanging on the walls. I was the most proud of him."

I agree with John.

Anonymous said...

you're comments are so sweet! what a cute picture.

Andrea Patton said...

Adorable picture! He looks like such a little man contemplating fine art : ) 4 more of him? Hmmm . . . You'd better get moving!

Grandpa G said...

Sorry, you only get one of him.

You can have four more but they will all be unique works of God.

(OK, you'll have a hand in it too.)

John Hendrix said...

UNLESS: fertility meds? Come to papa quads!

Tiffany said...

Spoken like a great parent, and Jack knows it. He will be a great man since he has a father with such a right perspective. I was commenting to Paul this week about how nothing I could do as "work" outside our home could possible compete with the high value and purpose of raising a child. Have 4 more! The world need more kids raised by parents like you guys.