Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Candid Confessions

I'm already giggling to myself about my play on words in the title of this entry. It's not clever at all, but it's cracking me up.

You might have noticed a lack of pictures in my recent blog entries. Jack & I were at a birthday party back in March. He was cranky & when I started taking photos of the birthday boy he perked up & wanted to see the camera. So, of course being the smart mom I am, I handed over our $400 camera. He proceeded to drop it on the floor. Oops.

The photos started to look strangely out of focus to me after that.

I finally confessed to John about a week ago. I thought if I just ignored it, the photos would improve. No such luck.

So, I will post so photos soon. But, they won't be very crisp or clear unless a camera miracle happens!

Moms let their kids do dumb things just to keep them happy.


Andrea Patton said...

Big bummer! My Mother-in-law did that with my nephew and he dropped it in the pool! Needless to say, blurry pictures weren't her only problem!

Kaele said...

What a good reminder for us all! ;-) Jack is seriously super cute in that photo by the fridge! I like his shoes in the car picture...reminds me of his Dad & Mom in college!